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Communication Skills

Building skills which produce effective two way communication through awareness and respect.


Customer Care

Recognising the importance of customers and developing the skills for providing excellent service.


Customer Driven Business Management

Building a customer focus into all personnel and functional areas within an organisation.



Developing the skills which enable sales people to improve results through positive influence


Interpersonal Skills

Developing the skills required to communicate effectively and efficiently enhancing relationships


Management and Supervision

Building skills for developing business and leading work teams to new levels of excellence.



Building the skills required to implement and co-ordinate marketing activities across a company.



Providing tools required to negociate successfully, producing win-win results in all negotiations.


PowerPoint Presentations

Using Microsoft PowerPoint to develop and present successful presentations


Presentation Skills

Providing understanding of how to develop and deliver presentations which have lasting impact.


Sales Presentations

Building knowledge and skills to deliver sales presentations with maximum effectiveness


Selling Skills

Providing a comprehensive understanding of successful communication and sales techniques to apply throughout the selling process.


Selling Through Distributors

Developing the skills required to create successful supplier - distributor relationships to build turnover and profits.


Subtle Selling

Providing the skills necessary to ensure personnel with customer contact maximise any sales opportunities.


Team Work

Increasing the efficiency of teams through understanding roles and contributions to enhance working together.


Telephone Selling

Building skills for effective telephone communication to create profitable business.


Trainer Training

Building knowledge of how people learn, and developing and delivering training which changes behaviour.